Day 2

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 21 Sep 2011 10:08
 02°53.9079N  108°03.7621E
Wed 21/9 1700LT
Making fair progress, with a mixture of good sailing, motor sailing and wild squalls.
15-29 kn squall to end the day yesterday had us steaming along at up to 11kn with a reef in the main, full mizzen and short furl on the genny.
Wind died overnight so just putting along on one engine to conserve fuel.
Late this morning wind came in and full sail went up for a few hours, then a 30kn squall with torrential rain gave the new crew their first taste of a storm. Han Thaung was seen muttering to himself in the cockpit which we all believe was praying (not sure how that works with Buddhism). The two cadets were obviously enjoying themselves with their first big-wind, big-boat experience. And performed well with much deck work during the squall including an emergency 2nd reef at the height of it when our 1st reef line exploded.
Shortly after it calmed down the sleeping sickness invaded, now all passed out (I'm sure at least one of them should be on watch!).
Currently sailing gently along between the last few Indonesian islands (which seem to have escaped and drifted north from the rest of Indo) at 6.5kn with a light NNW wind - which obviously never checked the GRIB prediction which is telling it to blow from the SW.
No fish so far but mostly hasn't been ideal trolling conditions.
Klara just realised it's her birthday today - the days to tend to blend at sea! So very likely be a G&T sunset this evening....