Borneo Sth Coast

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 8 Feb 2014 11:34
04:43.04S 114:42.04E
2256z 08/02
A full day and night under sail making reasonable progress considering it's the wrong time of year to be heading in this direction. Winds around 12 kn and consistent, seas slight, so close hauled as planned across to Borneo gaining slightly more ground to the W than expected so can't complain really. Within another hour or two we'll know if the breeze is going to bend into the coastline as hoped for which will give us a decent motor-sailing opportunity due W. Certainly the small wind chop from out in the middle of the Java Sea has almost gone.
Great to be back at sea again, Aphrodite and all the crew enjoyed the perfect sailing conditions yesterday across the Java Sea, close hauled with speeds touching 9.5 kn through the puffs. But mostly around 7.5-8 kn and heavily influenced by the current set.
Bligh is quickly becoming a seasoned sailor now, and proving very helpful and entertaining when conscious, however he has had to "enjoy" the initiation rights and although he's not quite had to feed the fish he has spent much time lying in the cockpit and sleeping. Today I expect he'll have his sea legs fully and energy levels will be back to overflowing.
Aphrodite didn't manage to disembark any of its HAL componentary back at Gili, but so far doesn't seem to have picked up any more either. The genset is still out of commission with its fuel injector pump removed and sent on ahead to Singapore for servicing. So no water maker without the gen power but we lashed out and spent three or four dollars on a tarp, bucket and pipe and built our own water maker - now we need a squall or two and if all goes to plan we can catch a ton or more of rain water in around 30 minutes.
Looking forward to fresh sashimi now - watch this space ...