Day 2

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Thu 26 Sep 2013 04:30
36:19.99'N 003:39.45'W
0530LT 26/9
Wind dropped off tonight as usual, now just 2-4kn NE, so putting along gently at 750rpm but managing around 8kn with help from a bit of current flowing towards Straight and the Atlantic.  good first day averaging 7.5 kn for 180nm run.
Today the breeze peaked at just 12 kn on the quarter, but allowed us to get some sailing. We played with all the white ones today in various combos, starting with staysail and mizzen, then pulled the staysail and gybed, then genny and mizzen, then pulled the main as well. The light trailing breeze struggled to move our 90 ton maxing at 5.5kn..But still a pleasant sail with engine off for 8 hrs.
Previous user had left us a nice surprise with a very poorly furled mizzen main (the mains have in-mast furling), which had me in the chair for an hour zooming up and down clearing the jams as Ryan and Jed hand winched in and out until we tightened the furl and release the mizzen. Fortunately the main didn't present any problems and slid out easily with the hydraulics. It does make it easy not needing to go head to wind for mainsail setting/dropping all the time!
Otherwise a fairly slow relaxed days sail on the Med in perfect weather. A few odd jobs and engine checks, fixed nav lights and continued work on the nav electronics, which has become a tear out and redo from scratch scenario.
No sashimi yet to accompany the sunset G&Ts, (as expected from pretending to fish in the Med) but with plenty of fresh and varied food on board this early in the journey, we weren't left wanting for cocktail snacks.  Julie cooked a tasty vegetarian spag-boll, which the rest of us carnivores garnished with various farm animal parts that we could lay our hands on before the spag went cold.
Robbo continues his logistical and military organisation of the boat and crew. I'm somewhat more accustomed to being well prepared then winging-it, but so far am enjoying the enhanced discipline, not sure about the 0600 foredeck parade followed by callisthenics (actually they haven't started yet, but I'm sure they will!)
70 miles to the Pillars so we should go through to the Atlantic later this afternoon, always good to pass through here in daylight for the phot opportunity. Everyone's practicing whistling the theme from the Guns of Navarone in preparation.