To Christmas Island, Day 1

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Tue 3 May 2011 23:45
09°32.47S  114°06.23E
100nm into our 630nm passage.
Pleasant, but windless and fishless day. Swell not too annoying. Motoring at 7.5kn apart from the tidal boost as we crossed the bottom of the Lombok Strait and hooned along at 10.5kn for a couple of hours!
Crew settling into their first offshore passage - as is usual, they slept for most of the day...
I'm enjoying my favourite time on passage - the Dog Watch. Calm seas, moonless night surrounded by a carpet of stars and the Planets on high beam. Shooting stars whenever you look up, including two with con-trails stretching half way across the dome.
My new permanent Indo crew is late for his first watch. Best I don't wake him as sets a dangerous precedent and he'll just expect that from now on. I'll let him wake naturally in the morning then guilt the fact into his memory cells...
Sunrise only about 2 more cups of 3-in-1 away now...