Belongas Bay - Rock and Roll!

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 2 May 2011 23:45
08°52.06S  116°02.66E
Somewhat more swell in the Indian Ocean since my last visist to Sth Lombok - and considerably larger surf! Although deep in the bay and protected by two headlands, the swell still managed to find us (who invented refraction, and WHY?). So we had a rolly night as El Oro was determined to remian beam-on to the swell as much as possible.
Otherwise a terrific anchorage just 100 m from a breaking surf and surrounded by the high ragged mountains that make up most of the S coast of Indo - Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok (haven't been further E yet).
Surfers went around to ocean beach for a surf followed by land inspection, then Shore party went to the local village (Teluksepi) to stock up on some greens for our trip - not a very inspiring village by all accounts.
Meanwhile I dived on the boat to scrape off the carpet of black-stripe mussels which seem particularly attracted to our heavily dosed TBT antifouling. Usually we leave a trail of dead sea creatures in our wake, but the mussels seem to thrive on the poison. These are a banned species in Australian waters and on arrival at Christmas Island the Fisheries Dept will apparently be diving on the boat inspecting the hull for black-stripies and Indonesian refugees. They claim that if any banned species are found, the boat gets tented then hauled out - at our expense on a "cost recovery basis", hate to see THAT bill! Seems good incentive to stop out of sight of Xmas Island, grab the hooka and do a quick final check.
Left our prospective land owners at the local village waiting for a "taxi" to take them back to Gili T, and weighed anchor at 11am tossed the lures overboard and headed for the ocean.