Indo to Singapore - Day 1

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 14 Sep 2012 02:24

06:59.14S 114:46.76E

Fri 14/9 0430
Departed Medana Bay, Lombok at sunset after a day cleaning the hull and last minute preps.
My full time crew, Aung Tin Oo from the Myanmar shipyard, and two Gili Trawangan ex-pats, Tony (Gili Getaway) and Chris (Irish Bar) join for the week trip to Sing.
Strong SE trades and big seas have been blasting Gili T for the past few days, which are ideal for our voyage N. As we get past Air and Meno we start to feel the effects after the shelter of N Lombok anchorage. So with just half the jib unfurled, we charged through the night at speeds up to 12kn in fairly constant 20-25kn breeze. Typical Lombok Strait rough and confused seas had our new sailors unsure as to the wisdom of choosing this sailing adventure as the boat was rolled and yawed quite violently at times. After a quick trip across to N Bali the seas did calm somewhat but still random areas of washing machine effects from the strong currents kept us always hanging on.
The winds remained through the night resulting in 100nm for the first 12 hrs, but dropped to 8-10kn around sunrise as we passed by Medura Island and into more protected waters. The lighter breeze slowed us considerably for a day of gentle sailing, with occasion engine-assist, in calm seas.
With Tony as self appointed fisherman for the day, throughout the day we organised our menu - sashimi and wasabi for breakfast, roe omelettes for lunch, Pasta El Oro with fresh tuna for dinner.and although conditions poerfect for him, Tony failed us miserably. Chris' turn tomorrow...
Gentle winds again through tonight with mostly motor sailing but around 3am the wind shifted more to the beam which suits better when it's light and suspicious noise from the engine indicates a probablye rope/net/junk tangle around a propellor so sailing again at 5-6kn waiting for the sunrise swim to check the prop.