Neptune Regatta - On the Line

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Simon Blundell
Wed 8 Feb 2012 14:08

00:00.00S 104:14.09E

8/2 1408LT

Joined by Simon Piff and family (including a 2 yr old) and his regular crew for the chrater for the race.
Simon owns Rainbow Dream and competed in this race last year race.
Always a great event with some majic sailing, and some light frustrating winds tossed in.
We ended up 3rd in our Classic division, congrats to Kay Sira.
I think the highlight of the event for me (not including a nasty coral cut stitched up on Neptune Island by a medic with a bottle of Rum as aneasthetic), was the final leg back to Nongsa in 15kn winds on a close reach. We charged along and ran down every yacht in the fleet, at one point  the three ketches, us, the Pickering's Turmalin and Kay Sira where all abeam of each other and revelling in the conditions, while all the plastic things with fancy sails where reefing, luffing up and generally struggling.
Too many anecdotes attached to the event, best to catch them all at the Neptune Regatta FaceBook site.
Great job again by Ferret and Tudor and their team. Will look fwd to returing again next year.