Day 2/3

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 10 May 2013 17:21
05:16.54N 100:02.05E
10/5 1800LT
15-20kn SSE
Approaching sunset cocktail hour, good trailing breeze all day and much of last night has allowed a break from both engines at high revs as had for first 24 hrs. Unfortunately progress has been poor. After first few hours out with the boat feeling sluggish and the autopilot (HAL) getting confused Silky went over the side and discovered that we’re pushing a full blown coral reef through the water attached to the keel. Glad I didn’t pay the diver yet that I had scrape the bottom at the marina before we left! No air left in the tanks onboard (too far out of survey to get filled in Singapore, but most other Asian countries don’t care – they’ll take your money regardless) so we can’t do anything about our attached marine sanctuary until Langkawi.
Currently sailing at 7-8 kn with surges over 9 – would be 10-12 without the reef...
The third night is approaching and crew is settling in like clockwork. Its starting to take its toll ona couple of crew. tied eyes glance around the cabin, not knowing how to spend there precious time off watch meanwhile Aimee is becoming quite a sailor now knowing the sailors six knots. the chefs on board Aimee (head chef) followed by our sou chef Rogerio cook the meals to the satisfaction of the skipper.
should be a good night Langkawi is near i can smell the roses.
First Officer Luke silky Salkowski
Enjoying the vastness of the seas and skies amongst the company of peoples from other villages. It is a well stocked sailing yacht and a wonderful experience. Its Noah’s ark!!
Village guest RBR