Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Tue 9 Jul 2013 11:10
37:21.31N 023:28.00E
9/7 1210
Following an amazing motor through the narrow straight past the busy waterfront and magnificent town of Poros, we enjoyed a perfect sail around the E or the Greek mainland then S to Hydra Harbour.
I arrived mid afternoon to get a good park on the waterfront, and to "reserve" a place for Terry who detoured for lunch and a swim in his boat (quickly becoming known as "slow Boat").
This is a very small and classic Greek Harbour with all sorts of entertainment value at the end of the day when the hoards arrive and attempt their stern-to manouvres. Terry and I ended up jumping onto several boats and backing them in for the owners/charterers after the poor and potentially dangerous and definately embarrasing attempts they had been making. Terry and I did quickly discover that we could spend much time in Greece without ever having to pay for a beer! More fun due in the morning as we did notice several crossed anchors from teh reversing warriors...
One of the best things about these Greek harbours is after tying up, stern-to the town/village, we simply step off the back, take a few steps, sit in an extremely genuine Greek restaurant, unspoilt by tourism, and order a cold beer and bar-b-qued octopus.