Day 1

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Thu 6 Oct 2011 11:24
08°36.1472N 116°46.9978E
Thu 6/10 1800LT
Great sailing, no motoring so far. Lightish winds overnight but from a favourable direction off the port quarter so steady progress with the full cutter-ketch rig - 2 mains and 2 jibs. Wind strengthened gradually through the day and veered slightly more to the W as the GRIB's had predicted to a steady 12kn with occasional puffs up to 15kn, so had the asym kite set all afternoon and charged along at 8-10kn with slight seas and sunny skies!
Overnight, the wind changed a couple of times when it shifted to blow off the land once the temp cooled down and the expected mild catabatic breeze overpowered the prevailing westerlies. Evan, during his watch gybed all 4 sails on his own and shook a reef out of the main. Not to be outdone, I also had to gybe all 4 sails during my watch just before sunrise, shook out the final reef and also dropped the staysail. Hard work single handed but does help to keep you awake!
The other Myanmar had a night to sleep, as (A) they hadn't quite got their sea legs back yet and were a bit off colour, and (B) they'd had a late night our final night in port finishing off the preps for this passage.
Mostly all back to full strength today, Han Thaung varnished like a fiend while the Sea Cadets, Win and Vickie, had plenty of steering practice with 2 hrs each at the helm (Evan even remembered to turn off the autopilot this time for them).
Everyone settled back into sea life now, Han Thaung currently making pleasant smells in the galley - looks like the famous Burmese Chicken Goulash El Oro is on the menu tonight...