Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sun 7 Jul 2013 16:40
37:44.70N 023:25.62E
1740 7/7
A very comfortable broadreach SW to Aegina Harbour in 15-20 variable winds - hints of the Meltemi, which we can expect when we get E of the Athenian peninsular. This is a small, typically Greek, harbour with mostly small fishing boats.
Terry and Carol
"Crew" on my boat are Carol (new to sailing, introduced by Terry a year or so ago as a solution for her mid-life crisis), Marina (an Aussie from Greek extraction, so may be useful as she does speak Greek, although otherwise she has little to no sense of time), and Brian and Linda (old mates of Terrys' and Brian apparently a former boat builder, but his seeming lack of knowledge of sailing does put this in question).
Following some teething issues with the crew as to whether they are on board as passengers or crew, we did finally manage to team up and successfully reverse-parked in the harbour into a very tight spot.
A good dinner ashore and fairly early night to make up for the late one prior to departure from Athens.