Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sun 6 Mar 2011 20:25
07:37.13S   106:16.81E
We have had a wondeful day sailing today without the engines. This is the first time since we left Phuket that we have been able to enjoy this great pleasure.  El Oro seems to ride more easily in the swells, and knifes through the water effortlessly at speeds much faster than under motor.  I am amazed at her complete lack of wake and the easy entry through the water at the bow where she makes an unusual gurgling sound,  No wonder her sister ship "Kriter" came third in a Whitbred Around the World Race.
To add to the pleasures of the day, Tim cooked an amazing roast beef lunch which we followed with the decider Scrabble game in the tournament.  It was a terrible outcome for Bar and me as Tim and Al put in a very strong finish to win the game, set and match.
Engines are happy having had the day off. Burmas are happy having had a day off. All else in better spirits having had a sail!
Wind veered more west as forecast by the gribs, so far more useful angle for sailing. Shook out the main-main for first time in several months (usual cruising rig is genoa and mizzen and one red metal diesel sail). Wind steady at 10-12 kn resulting in boatspeed of 6-8kn. Seas minimal.
Wrapped up the dacron sails and shook out both metal sails tonight as wind dropped and gone aft.
600nm to go - tomorrow should be that breakthrough day when we get to see the destination appear on the edge of the chart!