Day 4

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 22 Oct 2011 01:56
15°10.781N 110°22.9473E
Sat 22/10 0830LT
Slow progress overnight. Although plowing through the water at 10-12kn in the early part of the night with the mains, genny and monkey powering, our progress over ground was 1.5-2kn less due to an unfriendly current.
Just before midnight a glitch with our autopilot, which decided to engage itself with full port lock brought Kubrick's HAL to our deck as the boat gybed with all sails flying and no steerage until the pilot was shut off at the breaker. Mains locked on their preventers and the monkey and genny wrapped around every and any wire they could reach kept us busy for an hour untangling and restoring the sails to their rightfull positions. We lost around 5-10nm ground and continued on without the benefit of the monkey, whose condition was not to be known until a daytime inspection, and the benefit of the rudder angle indicator which is connected to HAL who now has his fuse removed and thrown overboard.
Hoping to complete the kite repairs today (and grow new fingers) so we can get back to full steam.