Day 1

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 25 Sep 2013 02:23
37:38.43'N 000:33.95'W
0150Z 25/9
2-5kn S, tending E
Motoring at 7.5kn
About 18hr since leaving Valencia. Refueling went without a hitch and managed to get some paper that sort of resembles a Port Departure document. No customs or immigration - the Spanish, and I believe the entire EU, have essentially removed Clearance Formalities from their mind set. Will have to wing it on arrival in South Africa, but at least there'll be no language barrier.
Departed the dock at 1030 and unfortunately have had to motor since then. The breeze did increase nicely to 20+ kn but stayed on the nose all day as it bends N up the Spanish coast. We'll be into the narrowing section in the next few hours where the wind appears to funnel and increase towards the Pillars which'll place it at a more gentlemanly angle from the port quarter.
Meanwhile motoring easily at 7-8kn depending on whether I've stuffed up the prop pitch angle with my playing - or not (will take some getting used to!)
Everyone excited and well settled for the first night at sea. Julie successfully tested the rice cooker (following up on her successes with the bread maker). Ship's Cow is yet to be attacked though (it's actually a full leg of ham, but about the size of a cow, and in deference to another yacht I sail on which is affectionately called the Flying Pig (with a 40kg bronze pig for its mascot), I didn't want to cause confusion, so our pig is a cow. We have quite an incredible amount and variety of food on board - as befitting a superyacht. So with the expected fresh fish added frequently, we're expecting 5 star meals all the way.
Ryan and I spent most of the day tracing wires in the bilges as most of the nav gear is not functioning as it should. (5m depth alarms sounding when the chart shows 150m is somewhat offputing). Robbo is being typically military and organising everyone and everything. Rob is being typically seaman-like and getting the deck and running gear in shape and Jed ("Mr Google") is looking a bit lost and vaguely sulking because he doesn't have internet. I think it's the first time this umbilical has been severed for him.
Expect to get to the ocean within the next 2 days. All looking fwd to some sailing tmrw.