Sth Lombok Surfing

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Thu 1 Dec 2011 00:53

08°52.0351S  116°02.6645E




Mmmmm. Well that was not the best way to kick off for the guests. An extremely rough, slow crossing from Bali to Lombok through very turbulent waters. Felt like we were in a washing machine for most of the night, at times only making 1kn progress. None of the guests slept, even though drugged with Captain’s Valium. Most were seasick, one particularly so.


Fortunately, as we got clear of the Lombok Strait the current eased and we enjoyed the usual spectacular sunrise as we made approach to Blongas Bay.


Blongas Bay opening up on left side of photo behind the island. Steve's Spot is the beach, mid photo between the headlands.



Dropped anchor deep in the bay up the E arm about 200m off the small surf refracting around into this arm.


Immediately, wax was transferred, rashies donned and they jumped overboard and paddled in.


A full day of surfing, both at the small break off the boat, and a beach break, by Duck, back at the opening to the bay, had all totally satisfied, and the horror memory from last night’s crossing significantly dimmed.


Suspect there are likely to be many sore tired muscles aboard tomorrow after 4 long hard surfs on the first day.