200 nm/day

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Thu 31 Oct 2013 03:19
30:54.55S 007:05.27W

0319z 31/10

Conditions unchanged now for a few days, 12-18kn NNE, calm seas, freezing nights and clear days warming up nicely in the afternoons. Sailing on a beam reach at up to 10kn with an average of just over 8kn. Finally cracked the 200 miles per day with a 201 for the 24hrs from 6pm yesterday. We've had a few days over 190 miles so it's encouraging to finally get the 8.3kn avg. At current speed and course we'll arrive Cape Town late on the 6th.

HAL and attached systems all behaving themselves. Fwd black and grey tanks were opened and flushed and cleaned, and the black pump repaired. A crappy job which Robbo and Ryan did in good spirits. Then Robbo retired to his newly finished hammock seat which honestly looks more like a baby bouncer than anything else.


Not much else to report apart from the death of the Ship's Cow. Gnawed to the bone now so will be ceremoniously given to the sea when we can find a rum substitute for such an occasion. Still virtually no life so far in the southern part of this ocean - no dolphins or whales, no flying or sashimi fish (although the fishing standrad has dropped off abysmally - most days the lure has managed to escape from the trace by undoing the swage), a few mutton birds (not sure what they're eaating). We have been saving the last of the potatoes for a few fish and chip meals, looks like we'll need to visit the local take away shop in Cape Town instead.