Last day!

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 7 May 2011 13:17
10°22.75S 106°28.04E
Another day of light headwinds. No chance of getting in before sunset, so slow motoring and aiming for Sunday sunrise arrival.
Seas abated somewhat and brought most of the crew back to life for the first time in days.
Highlight was an hour chasing a large pod of pilot whales getting as close as a few metres away at times.
We're desperately hoping that the five defferent public servents we have to deal with tomorrow are going to be at work on a Sunday! (Fisheries, Quarantine, Immigration, Customs and Ports). Don't like our chances and the crew were threatening to mutiny if they have to spend the day on board anchored 100m from the land - that is until I told them it's a $20,000 fine and imprisonment!