Koh Muk to Phuket

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 23 May 2012 08:30
07:48.99N 098:21.56E
Wed 23/5 0930LT
Easy motor to Au Chalong (Phuket) anchorage where we arrived just after midnight, yesterday. Motored whole way from Langkawi - light winds on the nose. Hoping for stronger and nice angle for our sail out to Banda Aceh.
Only have about 36hrs in Phuket. LPG filled and 2x alternators dropped off for service repair. Quick catch up with Mick and Som onboard Polaris currently at Rattanachai Port for new everything. (Polaris is a converted 170 foot long former World War II torpedo boat.).
Victualling today, which is good, we have a list without the usual 15 cartons of beer and 20 cartons of soft drink to even us up! Also will be picking up alternators today regardless - hoping they are fixed, no time to wait longer as must dash to Banda Aceh at N tip of Sumatra to pick up Andy and guests for Mentawais surf charter.
WIll pull anchor as soon as alternators re-fitted later today, ideally sometime before midnight for arrival time Banda Aceh early morning on the 25th.