Last day (???)

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 14 Dec 2013 20:32
11:17.81S 112:13.28E

2012z 14/12

Lost the wind finally yesterday afternoon following a dream run reaching
up from the Southern Ocean into 29°C ocean temperatures 300 miles from
Unfortunately we drifted backwards at 2.5kn in the calm for an hour or
so while Lucian did engine room time to clean the fuel and bleed the
engine so we could start powering to the NE again. Chewing through our
precious remaining fuel reserves, we're still motoring with just over
200 miles to go, and today's outlook offers some hope with 8-10kn wind
from the E which should provide our required apparent strength of 12 kn
needed to move the 80 tons under sail.
If we can sail for another 100 miles or so then I'll be more confident
the fuel will last until we get tied to the dock.

Very warm tropical day yesterday had Kay hanging sheets and mattresses
all over the sunward side to provide some shade in the cockpits. Not
very superyachtie, but we were ready for rapid dismantlement in case of
anyone out here with a camera. We did cross one ship, our first for a
week or so, and as per one of the unwritten laws of physics - we
converged in the middle of the ocean on a collision course - this time
it was our turn to give way, besides the other boat was bigger and
meaner looking.

Evidence of our proximity to land started to float past in increasing
density and we managed to hook up a piece of the litter on our lure - so
another good reason to not bother fishing anymore. Food has held out
very well with steak and roast vegies for dinner, backed up the next
morning with egg, bacon, onion and steak sandwiches for breakfast. Apart
from fuel and fresh water, all other supplies have held well, some
helped by Robbo's crafty rationing (hiding them and exercising a slow
release policy back into common circulation).

So one more full day at sea ahead, then our last night for the expected
arrival Monday at noon in Bali.