Fish and Chips!

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 14 Sep 2012 19:31
05:04.721S 111:35.169E
15/9 0310
Very pleasant sailing for most of the day, flat seas and a steady breeze around 10-12kn from the S meant all sails up, including, our favourite the "Monkey" flying from the mizzen mast, had us surging at 7-8kn. After passing Pulau Bawean the wind died off to near nothing so been motoring now during the night.
Heading to the W of our rhumbline as the GRIB data is forecasting 15kn SE in the next day or so. Our rhumbline being almost due NW means the wind will be directly behind us and without a spinnaker (destroyed during last year's HK-Vietnam Race) we don't have a suitable sail for running square. If all goes to plan we'll get far enough W to have an ideal broadreach angle for when the wind blows back in...
As the heading suggests, we broke the fishing draught today with a small blue fin tuna. Chris chose the lure for the day and set the rod just before sunrise, but we did allow Tony to real in the catch. Actually he'd been standing guard by the rod for most of the morning doing atonement for yesterday's failings so Chris conceeded the catch to him.
A taste of the freshest possible sashimi on the aft deck during the slice and dice session. The severed head virtually still gasping for water as the warm, melt-in-the-mouth flesh slides down! Then 4 reasonable sized fillets were lightly battered and gently fried and mixed with Tony's successfully made crispy chips for a very tasty and civilised lunch.
Otherwise not much to report as conditions close to ideallic for a relaxing day on the high seas!