Approaching Java

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 4 Mar 2011 20:10
04:30.141S 102:22.55E
Wonderful to be at sea again - as Tim says, "One longs for land, but not for long",  The officialdom in Padang as well as an inexperienced guide tended to be quite off-putting.  If you want read detailed account of the corruption and obfuscation Simon faced, read his report at [not posted yet].
The breeze picked up this afternoon so we have now been sailing again and making much better time.  In fact the resulting additional speed of our fishing lure must have appealed to a very large fish, just at the time we were beginning to despair about ever catching one. We didn't hear it take the lure until the line had ran all the way out.  It must have been a very big fish because the rod bent to its limit and then the line snapped!  Unfortunately there is no spare line on board, so our fishing is over till the next port.
There was not a lot of enthusiasm today for Scrabble.  Our opposition claim that the rocking and rolling of the big Indian Ocean swells would make it difficult to play.  But I'm not sure if they aren't still smarting from their narrow defeat  Anyway, Bar and I have develped a new strategy that will at the least rattle them, and hopefully provide us with a win in the decider.
The last day has had us clear of the outer island band off the SW coast of Sumatra, and thus exposed to the Ocean swells. Fortunately some wind from the NW at 8-12 with earlier peaks at 15kn has decided to join us, although not ideal it has at least taken most of the roll off the yacht, buit still relatively uncomfortable going...
Less than a day to the southern end of Sumatra now. Plan to head up the Sunda Strait and sail across north side of Java. Hoping this'll (1) have wind and (2) be out of Ocean swell - which we will be, although might be trading that for equally uncomfortable wind chop from the South China Sea!