Banda Aceh

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 28 Feb 2011 07:01
03:32.797N  096:03.840E
Left Phuket Friday with little wind, much provisioning and much excitment about the trip ahead.  Unfortunately we didn't have Naughty Noot on board - previous engagement to entertain - or was it to cook.  Anyway, Tim, Bar and Al are more than capable in both departments.
Friday evening we threaded our way through the shipping streaming out of the Malacca Straits, and through the islands around the tip of Sumatra, near Aceh.  (You might recal that Aceh is famous for being the epicentre of a recent devastating tsunami.)  This was our last point of contact with the mobile network.
The Thursday passage to the 'hong'' was notable for a devastating event - as I was heading down to place my posterior on the seat of the head (toilet), the yacht was heading up to meet my bum far faster than I anticipated.  Thus the meeting was much earlier than expected and certainly a lot harder.  The porcelain was just not up to the job and disintegrated with a grinding crack.  Much embarrasment explaining to the skipper.  No replacements available on Phuket so the last two days the crew have been fibreglassing up the old one.  This is quite a trial with the works being carried out in full view on the back deck - it is a constant reminder to all of the event and stimulates too much comment plus it all has a certain constipating element.
Saturday we motor/sailed SE with the Sumatra coast in view - very rugged and very spectacular with the cloud caps on the mountains and the electrical storms.  Last night the lightning display sometimes extended across the whole horizon with the sound of the thunder rolling across the water from miles away.