Final Day

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Simon Blundell
Thu 7 Nov 2013 03:38
34:17.36S 014:21.75E
0338z 07/11
Simon, Julie, Robbo, Rob, Ryan, Jed - The Atlantic Crew
Our last sunrise over the Atlantic ocean is approaching. The expected SW change night before last has had us charging for the nearest pub at up to 13kn with 210nm from midnight to midnight. The change hit with a gale force squall of solid 40kn wind for about 2 hrs with gusts to 45. Fortunately we'd gybed in expectation an hour or so earlier, so all we need do was press a few buttons and shorten sail. The SW has remained at 20-25kn since then and should ease slightly for our last day and back more to the beam.
Everyone going about their normal routine with an emphasis on trying to keep warm, and land-based thoughts - "Where are my shoes?", "Are Ugg boots in fashion in South Africa?", You know, important stuff like that.
We should be at anchor at the Royal Cape Yacht Club at tomorrow's sunrise, then move to a berth there after completing Clearance Formalities. So this'll be the last Atlantic blog note from the ocean...