KK Final Approach

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Simon Blundell
Mon 26 Sep 2011 07:28
06°00.2848N 115°49.4312E
Sun 25/9 1130
A dozen miles off, land in sight!
Not much to report last few days, light breezes so much motor-sailing. Days filled with sanding, varnishing and polishing. Plus enough sailhandling exercises with reefing and storm jibs etc to keep all from getting lethargic.
Highlight has been the Mahi Mahi and 2 small Tuna caught yesterday, small so not much to write home about (although I guess I just did?) but the aft-deck sashimi lunch and Evan's baked tuna dinner was very satisfying.
We'll spend one week at the marina here doing final preps for the next few thousand miles of sailing and the Hong Kong to Vietnam Cat 1 race as we circle the China Sea CCW back to Singapore.