Hong Kong!

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 12 Oct 2011 11:13
22°12.7983N 114°14.3526E
Wed 12/10 1745
Arrived Hong Kong Island and dropped anchor on S side in Tai Tam Bay right on sunset. Not quite enough time to get to N side of island and park in Causeway Bay in the daytime. The mooring layout has changed there so last year's "local knowledge" wouldn't have served me with an after-dark arrival.
Terrific final leg overnight and today with the expected 15-20kn trades blasting us along at speeds often in excess of 11kn, and sustained periods over 10kn. Full rig up (jib and two mains) on a broadreach are hard conditions to beat! Hoping these winds - perhaps a little stronger - will join us for the race to Vietnam starting on the 18th. With our IRC rating, the TP52's had better perform! Certainly we'll have a better ride of it - cappuccinos, hot showers, cooked meals, dry beds - all the necessities of ocean sailing/racing missing on modern race yachts!
Was fairly confident I got the navigation right as the pigeon stayed with us the whole way here - figured if it trusted my sense of direction then I couldn't be far wrong...
Next entry will be after race start, probably the 19th. Thanks to all for sailing along with us, and your emails of encouragment, good wishes (and some envy).