Half Way

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Tue 11 Feb 2014 04:01
03:13.07S 109:57.97E
0344z 11/02
Conditions remain unchanged, as forecast, 12kn funnelling down the South China Sea into the Java Sea. As we round the SW corner of Borneo the current is holding us back at around 1.5kn. Bit frustrating because the wind and seas are ideal for sailing, bummer they're on the nose.
Fishing still unsuccesful, so the tinned tuna has gotten a bit of a workout to keep us inspired for something fresher...
Bligh starting to believe all our onboard fishing stories are just that! But if all goes to plan we could get one onboard that'll be as tall as him, and too heavy for him to lift it for the pic!
Water tanks empty now, if we can get a good downpour we can fill one in less than half an hour, but the squalls we have had have passed within a few minutes. But I think priority for next squall will be crew showers, here's hoping any rain'll last long enough to both lather up and rinse off!