Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Tue 29 Nov 2011 00:53

8:23.941S 116:04.662E




Finally arrived Lombok! Less than 100 ltrs fuel remaining, still no beer, no sprite, no meat, had last ciggy 1hr ago, and two and a half days late! So all up, well planned...


Best (only) sail of the trip this morning has taken the edge off our late arrival. 10+ kn close hauled had us charging across the top of the Lombok Strait at the best speeds of the whole passage. Wind angle was a bit fine to start, but the expected shift more S and W as we moved further into the strait gave us a continuous lift as we sailed E. Then the infamous current played to favour pushing us further upwind.


Sailed S of Gili Trawangan, felt like returning home after spending so much time here last season, on way to our refueling stop at Teluk Kode, Lombok . The Beach House Resort’s boat was waiting for us with 1 tonne of diesel in 50 jerry cans. So a couple of hrs syphoning fuel before a short motor across to our mooring at Gili T where our victuals were waiting. Filled dive tanks, LPG, quick steak in the Beach House restaurant before casting off for an overnight passage to Benoa Bali to meet the guests.