Settling in on way to Sunda Strait

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 4 Mar 2011 07:10
3:30.0S 101:30.0E
There are strange things lurking in the freezer, new Asian delicasies such as 6 year old pork sausages, and brocoli that has become completely transperent (the recently deceased  Chef from El Buli would have been fascinated I am sure) Bara and I have deconstructed the entire frozen mass and in the process thrown out some firm crew favorites, there may be some issues this PM, Still no wind, we are happy enough in sunshine and sparkling waters fishing line dancing behind together with dinner fantasies. Scabble has become intense with a victory for the underdogs last night by 3 points when Al and I failed to use our vowels.300 NM to Sunda Straits we are surging 8 KTS. That is all from me love to you all. Tim
It was great to finally leave the clutches of Rio in Padang and head out to sea again and make way to the South East.   Unfortunately the wind, what there was of it,was on the nose literally -not much of it and from directally in front.  Out through the waiting cago ships the word scrabble has been mentioned.  Under the stars and Simon's red led light the two sides, Bar and Mike and Tim and I,prepared for the fray.  Tim and I got away to a flying start with a word worth 48 but then Tim could only pick up consonants and only vowels for AH. The B and M team worked the board like two old pros,cutting the T and A slowly but surely to claim a well deserved 2 point victory.  Now, at 2 games all, the tournament has subtly changed to "the best of five".  Spiked drinks before the next game is a distinct possibility, maybe swabs will be called for?