Half way

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 15 Sep 2012 22:36
03:19.986S 109:29.624E
16/9 0545
Passed the half way mark through the night, currently passing through the "gap" between Billiton Island (Pulau Belitung, Indo) and SW corner of Borneo. Winds 10-15 from the SE so a broad reach for us as we're heading almost due N for this section of the recommended track through the various reefs in this area.Seas a bit messy here with moderate head current and plenty of fetch to the SE. Yesterday a mixed sailing bag, calm seas light breeze through the morning from behind so sailed with just the genoa and the "monkey", No mainsails as the booms just slam as we roll side to side sailing downwind in the light airs. Wind died to near zero in the afternoon so motored for several hours.
Yesterday was mostly a fish-fest. Setting up, catching, but mainly planning and enacting the cooking and serving process. Tony snagged a reasonable size Mahi Mahi an hour or two after sunrise, which transformed into a Sashimi lunch entree and three test subjects for the planned main course. Unfortunately no lime or lemon juice onboard, and barely enough lemons for our sunset G&T's so our planned cold-cooking in just lime/lemon juice looked like a pipe dream. We do have multiple varieties of vinegar onboard so the test subjects - all with garlic, ginger, onions, chilli - were alfoil wrapped with (1) balsamic, (2) tarragon and (3) red-wine vinegar as the "cooking" compounds. After about 40 minutes the taste test concluded that all were edible, the balsamic was unanimous favourite followed by the red wine. I did later find some plain vinegar, but the artificial kind used mainly for cleaning our grey water tank. Anyway we set up a late entry with plain vinegar which also got the nod.
Final meal was thus 4 large fillets, 2 cooked in balsamic and one each of plain and red wine vinegar. Along with coleslaw wrapped in lettuce leaf made by Chris we enjoyed a perfect cold lunch under a steaming sun. None of us were hungry by the time dinner time came around!
As I write, Tony's just set the lure and wishing for a large Spanish Mackerel today for 3" thick BBQ steaks.