Ship's Cow and HAL

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 16 Oct 2013 06:55
02:23.55S  026:36.80W

0755z 16/10

A slight drop in the wind allowed us to pull out the genoa overnight and bring our speed back to 7-8kn, so making somewhat better progress now than the last couple of days. The swells have also lengthened and smoothed so less pounding and speed checks. Expecting the wind to swing to E over next day or so then we'll be able to start pulling away from South America and make tracks for Africa.

No fish for a couple of days, although we have a strike or two each day, but they are monsters with no chance of being reeled in. Two days ago it was identified as a marlin after jumping from the water a few times. Yesterday's just took the lure and never slowed or detoured in its journey N, snapping the line when it spooled out.
So we chose a different creature for evening cocktail hour with the Lord of the Flies style slaughtering of the Ship's Cow - hanging over the mizzen boom in the centre of the aft cockpit as we all took slices off it. Very tasty 18-month cured pig leg.

Best news is, after 2 days being pinballed around the lazarette, HAL is fixed and has just worked continuously through the night, so we didn't have to hand steer for a third night in a row. A few mystery connections are starting to appear onboard. While in the laz, I discovered a powerpoint, with switch, hidden in a corner. So obviously flicked the switch to test if it works. A desperate call from down below followed - the TV, powerpoints and lighting in the Saloon had gone off. Mmmm, they all have their own breakers but still all run back to the laz before returning to the saloon and distributing to each location??? Then, with the retun of the autopilot power, the galley sink pump went into automatic mode (which it doesn't have) but in inverted automode - it only turned on when the sink was dry, and off once water was in the sink. One of the "never worked yet spreader lights" is now on, but only when the sink pump is off. And the freezer compressor seems to be wired to the same breaker as the black water pump - or not, getting bloody hard to tell what's happening where, and impossible to know the why and how!??!?!