Wind off Java!

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 7 Mar 2011 20:33
08:11.22S 108:42.37E
At last some wind!  We have covered some good miles today with a 15 knot following breeze.  But the real bliss is being able to sail again without the engines running,  The weather has also been kind to us with some rain in the morning to fill the water tanks followed by some sun in the afternoon.  Expect to be in Lombok sometime Thursday and home on the weekend.
This evening's dinner was delicious roast chicken with potatoes and carrots, courtesy Bar and various sous chefs.
Last night, while motoring, our port propeller encountered some heavy hard object in the water.  There was a tremendous bang as it hit the blades.  We stopped the engine immediately as we thought there was an unusual vibration in the prop shaft after the event.  Simon went over the side this afternoon to investigate.  However there was no damage to the hull or the propeller.  This would not be an unusual event in these waters as we quite often see large trees, stray buoys, heavy planks of wood, and other objects floating in the ocean.  One of these objects struck our hull the other night, but again without damage.
Still no fish and no rematch on the Scrabble today.