Simons Bay

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Simon Blundell
Sat 16 Nov 2013 07:40
34:11.10S 018:25.75E
1754z 15/11
Had a terrific sail around the Cape yesterday with the boss on board for his maiden voyage and dropped anchor a few hundred metres off the beach at Simons Town.
Bernard on foredeck with Cape of Good Hope in the background
Screen Shot of round the Cape, and Skipper at the wheel arriving Simons Town
The sea life from Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope was phenomenal. Only 30 miles or so, but saw seals, (which are just everywhere here), dolphins, whales, a shark or ray (no consensus on this one), and other menu items.
Speaking of which, we ate our way through a few game reserves at the restaurants at the Waterfront - springbok, ostrich, alligator, kudu and all the regular farmyard animals as well. Great food here if you're not a vegetarian.
Speaking of which, Julie unfortunately had to fly home due to a medical condition. All sorry to see her go and shame she couldn't complete the journey across the Indian as well.
Speaking of which, we'd be out starting our crossing but for a large storm currently pounding us at anchor. Squalls of 30-40kn at anchor and blinding rain so we've bunkered down and waiting for the conditions to settle overnight for a departure hopefully around noon Saturday. We're not so concerned about the wind strength and the rain, but the direction is SE so we'd be on the nose for the first few hundred miles with a vmg of bugger all, so holed up for a day here and charging out with favourable wind is unlikely to shorten our crossing time.