Atlantic Summary

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Tue 12 Nov 2013 18:21
33:54.35S 018:25.31E
1311z 12/11
View of Victoria and Albert Waterfront from the masthead
Well a busy few days in Cape Town at the most primo berth in the continent. We have the entire wharf - front and centre - at the V&A Waterfront just under Table Mountain. This waterfront area is the local equivalent to Darling Harbour, so our berth is the same as berthed up to the boardwalk area of the Darling Harbour shopping centre.
Jed and Rob have disembarked and the new crew is starting to filter in. Lucian, the Mate for the next leg has been here for several days and organised us this Rock Star berth, plus had a sailmaker (from the local Norths sail loft) arrive the same afternoon who took our genoa and main for repair. And Robert who is Bernard's (owner) stand-in for the trip as Bernard couldn't make it at the last minute due to family situation.
Bernard has just flown in today for a guest appearance for a few days before he flies off again and will meet us in Bali.
Kay Cottee and Rod Reid from Sydney are due tonight which will then be our full compliment.
Hope to cast off here on Thursday for a short trip around the Cape of Good Hope into Simon's Bay where we'll anchor for a night or two and clean the hull etc before heading E.
Summary from the first leg:
Passage Time:
1 month 15 Days
6,812 nm
Average Speed 6.2kn (Made Good)
7,316 nm
Average Speed 6.6kn (Actual)
Max boat speed: 13.8kn
Max wind gust: 47kn