Medana Bay (Indo) to Singapore

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 12 Sep 2012 11:00
08:21.54S 116:07.741E
Wed 12/9  1200
Been camped at Medana Bay for a few days due to strong winds and rough seas at our mooring off the Beach House Resort at Gili Trawangan. Doing last minute preps for the 1000+ nm passage to Singapore - cleaning the hull which quickly becomes a forest of black stripe mussels in the strong currents at Gili T, engine maintenance, etc. Tony and Chris joined in time for sunset cocktails last night and have been working hard avoiding sunburn and adjusting to life onboard. Great help though with snorkels cleaning the part of the hull they could reach from the surface while I had the tank on and did the deeper bits.
Just got the replacement controller for the freezer which was freighted from Singapore, so 5 minutes to install that, back on shore to pay the bill for Clearance which is all smoothly handled by Wulan from Medana Bay Marina (which incidentally has about 30 yachts moored here now as part of the Darwin Indonesia Rally), then we're ready for departure - planned for around sunset...
Winds around the corner are still 25kn or more from the SE. The Bali Harbour Master has stopped all fastboats from running due to strong winds and big seas. Sounds perfect for our trip to the NW!