Still Beating

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 23 Jun 2012 23:10
08:47.206S 112:35.2988E
24/6 0530
Only 150 miles to go. Actually I say "only" very optimistically as with these conditions that could still take 2 days, ordinarily it'd be guaranteed less than 24 hrs...
Still strong head winds, at times 20kn, mostly around 15. Occasionally we get a day with calmer seas and 12kn, this is when we can make best ground upwind with full sails up allowing us to point to our potential, and the seas not knocking us constantly off to leeward.
Zac has (finally) discovered that boats in these conditions obey more the Aristotelian Laws of Physics, rather than Newtonian or Einsteinian. Aristotle proposed that all elements (of which he identified 4 - water, earth, air and fire) will return to their natural place - hence rocks sink etc. On board, in these pounding and healing conditions, everything's natural place is in the lowest corner of the floor or the bilge. Computers, cutlery, toasters, tools are all piled in one corner of the floor, and any liquid meal or drink under preparation and left unattended for an instant will find its way into the bilge!
Beating upwind seems an odd verb to describe this. At first it gives the impression that you could be "winning" the battle. This rarely is the case. Our growing collections of cuts and bruises from being tossed around the cabin and cockpit make it more likely to mean "taking a beating". But I think a meaning closer to beating something in a blender would be most accurate.
Probably last entry before we anchor at Gili Gede, eta late Monday unless the much sought favourable wind shift occurs. Both looking fwd to a quiet, motionless, full night's sleep.