Day 4

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 6 May 2011 20:34
10°23.68S 107°55.67E
An uneventful day. Still no fish.
Day started promising with a good breeze until midday, unfortunately still too much on the nose so wasn't as helpful as it could've been! If these wind directions stay the same for the return trip it'll be a different story!
Alfredo and Man still not quite got their sea legs and spending much time in their bunks, Steve finished the Kiefer Sutherland "24" series today so we're not sure what he's going to do with his time now with no more to fill this addiction.
Forecast is for very light winds from in front for tomorrow, so looks like it'll be motoring the rest of the way. Equation not looking promosing for a daylight arrival on Sat evening, so will likely slow down and aim for sunrise Sunday morning. Which means probably spend Sunday at the Quarantine mooring waiting for Mon office hours before clearing.