Aphrodite Departure - Spain to South Africa

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Simon Blundell
Mon 23 Sep 2013 13:45
39:51.56N, 000:04.20W
1430LT 23/9
After final week of waiting for parts delivery, we finally cast off from Burriana Nova Marina for a short leg to Valencia for refueling, then head off for non-stop to Cape Town. The extra week or two in Burriana allowed us to get very well prepared for the 5 weeks ahead. Duck engine serviced, hull cleaned, all the stock from 2 of the local supermarkets transferred onboard, deck scrubbed and parts stowed.
Weather pefect, light breeze 8-10kn from the E. Normal prevailing breeze now should be slightly stronger and from NE.
Hopefully we'll only be in Valencia briefly for the diesel, at most overnight.
I'll let Jed kick of the colourful section of the blog:
September has brought together an elite crew of 6 with an eclectic background charged with the task of ensuring the safe delivery
of Aphrodite I, the 94ft Ketch for the first leg of this epic voyage from Spain to Singapore.
The crew consists of our courageous Aussie Captain with an unsurmountable amount of sea time who inspires the best out of
all of us. Our First Officer English Rob is his 2IC and has been a gem on deck with his organisational skills and eye for rigging.
Robbo 'The Gardner' or 'Don Simon'has utilised his military training and has been our main logistics man and general run around guy.
Julie, the lone Kiwi has definitely kept the boys in order and we all appreciate those 'mum' things she does for us.
Young Sydney lad Ryan 'The Grumete' King brings his boat building skills on deck and has been rediculously handy to fix all those jobs
that none of us want to do (or didn't know how to do). Lastly, Jed the French based Aussie has been pretending he's an Engineer
and thankfully our Captain is handy with a spanner to ensure all of our systems will continue to run.
The past two weeks has allowed for some fantastic crew bonding in the small port town of Burriana, Spain
including running with the bulls and plenty of Paella and assorted tapas.
With a work hard, play hard mentality we have all shed some blood to make sure our sea based home is in
the best shape for the 5 week crossing to Cape Town.
A test of resilience, patience and stamina will be required by the crew as we hit some of the most
demanding seas in the coming weeks.
We shall endeavour to keep you all updated on our adventure especially with endless stories of perfect sunrises and sunsets, dolphins
on the bow and our best game fishing yarns.
Stay tuned for more quality blogging, Hasta Luego.