Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 21 Mar 2011 12:27
Currently anchored off Kuta, Lombok awaiting tomorrows predicted increase in swell.  Steve, Peter, & Fraser are just back from  the first run to shore since leaving Gili and have come back with large bunches of green bannanas, pinapples, and chocolate bars....
So far the surfing has been good, but a little on the small side.  Friday was spent surfing a small right hander off Gilli - Fraser had some fun while Wylie & Troy stuggled with the waist high reef break. 
After receiving our necessary ships papers and our guide Steve on Saturday morning we motored south past Desert Point and around onto the south coast of Lomok.  Desert point wasn't working so we carried on to Belongas Bay where we found several breaks both wild and tame.  While Wylie, Troy & Fraser surfed the left from hell right up against the rock point, I surfed a wee point break deep in the bay.  But the pick of the bay was an A frame off the beach at the east end of the bay with a deep gutter just off to the side which allowed access for the best photos of the trip so far.  Sunday was spent surfing this and at the end of the day all shoulders were burnt and sore - but nothing an ice cold gin & tonic couldnt cure..
After an early session on the A-frame on Monday morning we set out for surf points east.  We circled  the bay at Mawi but decided to carry on to Kuta for a bigger selection of breaks once the swell starts to kick in.
Plan now is to have a look at the breaks here tomorrow first thing, if conditions look good we will surf here in the morning, but likely will head around the point to Ekas where there are even more options. 
Scenery, surf, and life on the boat is all spectacular - hard to belive we are almost half way through the trip.