Southern Hemisphere

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Tue 22 Nov 2011 17:43
00°20.181S 105°44.708E
23/11 0120LT
Light breezes mostly from the N so far. Apart from a hour now and then of sailing when alongside a storm cell, the rest of the time has been motor sailing on one engine.
A full contingent of Shellbacks onboard now that we've crossed the Line. King Neptune has visited El Oro often enough this year and didn't bother appearing this time as the Myanmar Pollywogs had no idea what I was on about anyway.
Still no electric autopilot but managing with our rice eating alternative. The Cadets are now called George 1 and George 2, and are doing most of the helming. Win (George 1) has been onboard for the last 5000 miles so is something of an old hand already, so we had him on the wheel the whole time as we crossed the Mallaca Straits shipping channel out of Singapore! Wai Yan (George 2) is fresh onboard and still needs some calibrating. [Anyone know the origin of naming the autopilot "George"? Earliest reference I know is it was used by James Bond in one of the very early movies - but it must pre-date that?]
Otherwise all settling into passage life onboard EO - sanding, polishing, varnishing, sleeping, cooking rice, and construction of the new freezer continues....