Pacific passage: Galapagos to Marquesas: Last night

Jan Morten Ruud
Fri 26 Mar 2010 04:03
Position 09:45.58, 137:57.85W
Sailed distance: 2962 NM
Distance to Marquesas: 65Nm

Dear readers,

We are almost there - we can all hear the Marquesas hauling out for us. Lars, Stians brother, has already arrived Hiva Oua, after a 3 day travel from Nordreisa in Norway. Lars will be joining Ronja on the way to Australia. Since we are not completely there yet, Henning has invited Lars to sleep in Destiny for this night - what a grate friends the other World ARC boats are. We just spoke to Henning and Lars on the SSB (HF Radio), just to learn that they were on the way to a restaurant to have a dinner (oooh - do we wished to be there right now). No tears, we will be there tomorrow morning.

The last night looks to be a real nice one. No clouds on the sky, big bright moon and little wind which gives a very calm sea and arrival in Hiva Oa tomorrow just after daybreak. Right now we are all looking forward to this last night on this leg.

Dreamcather and Jeannius are just around us accompanied with Eowyn some few miles ahead of us. It has been a pleasure and security to have these two boats around for the whole crossing.

Tomorrow morning we will wake up to the familiar voice of Rally Controll, guiding is in to a safe anchor at our arrival. Then we will have a large "ankerdram"

The very best from Patrik, Stian, Snorre, Vilde, Vibeke and Jan Morten