Jan Morten Ruud
Wed 10 Feb 2010 15:31

Dear readers,


Position 00.00.000N, 81.55.30W - Equator


Well through the doldrums (se own log for that) we suddenly where at the Equator. We nearly missed it. Just before Equator we finally got some wind, which made us very excited. So excited that when I suddenly locked at the chart plotter I saw 00.00.034N. Full alarm, everyone where summed on deck and the preparations for passing the Equator was dramatically shortened. We manage to get the needed pictures and we celebrated to have been able to come safely to Equator.


How was it – well it was cold. We had dark sky’s with light rain, and we had not had this low temperature on several months. We heard the other boats passing on the VHF. It was a cheerful moment that we will not forget.