Isla Perlas

Jan Morten Ruud
Tue 2 Feb 2010 23:27
Position 08:23.173N,  78:49.992W


Dear readers,

Sorry for this late update on our log, but he last days have been just amazing.

After the captain had called for a meeting to have all voices heard for the stops the next 4-5 days, the following list did get full consensus from all the crew of Ronja.

Stop 1: Isla Contadora in Las Perlas

Stop 2: Isla Del Ray in Las Perlas
Stop 3: Bahia Punta, border of Panama-Columbia
Stop 4: La Libertad Equador (rejoning the WARC fleet)


Stop 1: Isla Contadora in Las Perlas. The most developed island in the Las Perlas with a small airstrip, some nice restaurants and some high class resorts.

When Ronja sailed in around the corner of Isla Contadora, we immideatley saw 9 others WARC present at the anchoring area – nice. We dropped the anchor in the middle of the pack, and got excellent holding in sand. It is quite warm down here, if you have not already found out, so we jumped directly in the water. What a disappointment that was – we all get stinged by jellyfish. Later we took the dingy into land, which was a beautiful island. What we also learned was that the beaches were free for jellyfish, so again could relax and cool down it the pacific. We spent two delicious days in Contadora.

Stop 2: Isla Del Ray in Las Perlas. An isolated Island with very good and sheltered anchorage – possible the most sheltered in Las Perlas. We have now formed a group of 6-7 boats that will travel more or less together down to Equador.

Noeluna (a French boat with a very nice family – the only other family boat than us in the World ARC)

Skylarc, a very nice boat with even nicer people – tree gentlemen on a world vouage together

Then we have David and Susanne in Voyageur, an Irish couple spreading joy and help to all us other, and some heck of cocktail parties.

Tucanon, a couple in a large catamaran (very nice to), which also arranged one hell of a coctailparty. In Norway we always have some “ankerdramer” when safely moored – the English and Irish a little more sophisticated pulls off a complete cocktail party. No wonder why they need large catamarans. An extremely pleasant afternoon – thank you Tucanon.

Jeannius, also a couple in a catamaran, also very nice people.

In the evening we visited a small native fishing village in the area, a very nice experience. Compared to what we are used to it was very simple, but they where rely well organized. They were all working and there did not seem to be any problem with booze etc.  We bought some fish, petrol and cans with soft drinks.

Now the days in Las Perlas is over, and tomorrow morning we leave for Bahias Pintas