Pacific passage: Galapagos to Marquesas: Day 14

Jan Morten Ruud
Sun 21 Mar 2010 06:00
Position 06:29.35, 114:08.87W
Sailed distance: 2324 NM
Distance to Marquesas: 699 Nm

Dear readers,

It is late evening, pitch dark outside with a clear sky painted with an
incomprehensive number of stars. The night duties started 3 hours ago, but
the kids are still up - full with expectations due to the rapid approaching
landfall in Marquesas. We have been out at sea for 14 days and the life on
board is now fully in balance. No stress, no shopping malls, no pressure
from school / friends - just time for the small fellowship on board Ronja.
The difference on our kids is enormous. Like right now, where they are
sitting in the cockpit together talking about nothing, everything, the
meaning of life. Big questions, questions I have never heard they have
discussed before. To my surprise they are quite reflected on many areas and
they have an open discussion about a lot of things they do not understand,
but probably have not had any arena to discuss before: Do Good exist? What
will life bring after the circumnavigation? Will Paul be in Marquesas to
welcome and help us to anchor ? What about Lucka and his faulty halyard.
Will Noeluna be within radio range tomorrow ? And of course, the different
people participating in the World ARC are being discussed back and forth. It
is a grate amusement sitting in the cabin and listen to them - they probably
think I am asleep. And, they are all planning how they shall be able to do a
similar trip when they are grown old.

I can already tell - this venture on Ronja has and will give the kids a huge
experience they would not have gotten back home. It is clear to me that the
life we have back home do not empowers our kids enough with the above

The time on board these days are magnificent, but we are all looking forward
for the coming landfall in 4 to 5 days.

I will go to sleep now - my duty starts in 2 hours.

Big greatings to all family and friends back home.

The skipper