Day 16-17: THANK YOU All Of you ...

Jan Morten Ruud
Thu 10 Dec 2009 22:18
Coordinates:   N14.04.459., W60.56.940

Dear readers,


Coming into The Windward Islands felt like a true homecoming. The sun rose when we were about two hours from St. Lucia and Martinique, and we had a wonderful breeze when we sailed around Pigeon Island and crossed the finish line. But what made the biggest impression was the welcoming in the marina. Crews at boats that had arrived before us waved and tooted when we motored towards our berth. We requested pontoon C where we knew that our good friends at Go Beyond and Odin were waiting for us. And there was rum punch, champagne, a one man steel band and lots of smiling sailing friends who knew exactly how it feels to arrive after weeks at sea. And your correspondent could see small teardrops in the eyes of S/Y Ronja’s crew members…..


We arrived in Rodney Bay on December 9th, 10:15:07 local time. The journey lasted 17 days, 1 hour, 7 minutes and 7 seconds. The final results are not yet ready – the handicap rules are complicated and we don’t care all that much about them in any case – but to our surprise we had more boats behind us than in front of us.


Stian won the journey betting competition. His bet was 17 days and 2 hours so he missed by 53 minutes. Stian and Snorre had the most optimistic bets – the others had 18 or 19 days.


A number of people (and one boat) have been instrumental in making the journey from Las Palmas to St. Lucia, and we would like to thank you all. In particular, we would like to mention the following:


Mona Ruud, for fully supporting Stian’s wish to embark on the ship, for moral support in Las Palmas, and for the most wonderful home-cooked pasta sauces.


Erik and Elisabeth, for taking care of the real Ronja (our duck tolling retriever) while we sail around the world, and for being such great company in general.


Torleif Nesheim, the sailing master who taught us the ropes on the virgin journey from Dunquerqe to Oslo. Torleif has always patiently explained (and usually re-explained) stuff that have been very useful on the trip.


Our colleagues at Nexia in Oslo, led by Terje & Harald, for providing secret weapon number two and also the confidence that should anything serious happen to us they would hunt down and kickstart every capable Search and Rescue team around the Atlantic ocean. Also, we thank all our colleagues at Nexia for making it such a great place to work.


Stig Herbern, for giving very competent help when equipping and configuring the boat, for being an insightful and positive colleague and leader, and for being so supportive of the project.


All the people who sent us emails during the journey, and especially Mr. Suresh Govil of Lusaka, Zambia, for all encouraging comments.


All our new friends at the other ARC boats for advice, help and fellowship before and during the crossing. We thank Tom at Escape for the “kryssfokk” tip that added stability and at least half a knot of speed. We thank Lars at Odin for his very competent help (and we still cannot believe that he was able to fix his own boat with a serious rudder problem in the middle of the Atlantic). We thank our new best friends at Go Beyond for the rum punch and the blogs. Also, we’d like to thank the good people at Espumero, Trollwind, Sunboy, Nika, Maggie V and Blue Voyager. We look forward to celebrating with you in Rodney Bay and to continue around the world with many of you. Also, we’d like to thank Tor Jo and Raluca aboard Mio for a great trip to Gibraltar.


The boat – Ronja. Always reliable. Always trustworthy. A true globetrotter.


The good people of the World Cruising Club for organizing the ARC which made the crossing safer and much more enjoyable.


Vibeke and Jan Morten would also like to thank:


Jørgen, Mette and Georg for taking care of things back home.


All of the pack in Norway (you know who you are!) for a special and lifelong friendship.


Vibeke thanks all friends and colleagues at Ånnerud barnehage.


Vilde would like to thank everybody for all support so far, and in particular all friends in 6B at Hagaløkka skole and fellow singers in the Tempochoir.


Stian would like to thank mamma, Kirsti, and the rest of the family. I look forward to seeing you all in just a couple of days here in Rodney Bay.


Harald would also like to thank:


Mamma for the teaching

Pappa for the preaching

Howcome, ff, bsn, ogw, tdm/hmk for all the trouble that I get into

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due

I thank Tone for directions

And Neena: Thank God for you.


(And Harald would like to tell the whole Ruud family hundre tusen takk for letting me join you on this leg. There is no other crew and no other boat that I would rather join.)

(And Harald would like to tell Amun and Aina how much I miss you. Just a few more days and we’ll meet up in St Lucia!)



And with this, dear readers, we end the “Atlantic chapter” of the blog. But there will be many more blogs and reisebrev from your affectionate crew aboard S/Y Ronja.


Best regards from Vilde, Vibeke, Stian, Snorre, Jan Morten & harrall.