Dag 1 - Equador to Galapagos

Jan Morten Ruud
Sun 21 Feb 2010 13:20
Position: 01:30.39S, 85:52.19W

Dear readers,

Yes, yes, we did indeed manage to start the day after the rest of World ARC
fleet had left. Friday 19. Feb at 10.35 we crossed the startling line and
where on our way to catch up the rest of fleet. The start did take place in
ordered manner and there where, thank good, no accidents with other boats.

Well on our way towards Galapagos, with an unbelievable amount of fishing
nets and lines well in mind from the way inn, we kept a sharp lookout the
whole day and night - this time to find no fishing nets at all.

The kids made a splendid pizza dinner. There were some swell and waves
influenced by the tidal stream going along the Ecuadorian coast, so we had a
quiet day on board with no homeschooling.

In the evening Patrik got his ukulele and we all tuned in some nice songs
before the night watches started. The night went peacefully, we had nice
winds and sailed the whole night. In the morning we heard a phuuuuuuuuuu
along the side. When we looked out we saw 8-10 enormous whales with some
baby whales. Two of the whales raised their head out of water and looked at
us, and stated swimming towards us. They are greate to look at this big
whales, but when they starts to get really close and you figure out that
some of them are bigger than the boat it gets a little to exiting for some
of us. After a while they turned back to the rest of their whale family and
we stood relived watching while they were swimming of in the sunset.

We did the roll-call on the SSB radio with the other World ARC boats. It was
good to hear all the other voices of our WARC friends out there. They were
approx. 120 Nm ahead of us.

Throughout the day we had excellent sailing, cruising along in almost 8

All is fine on board, the moral is higher than ever - now approaching