Cruising Marquesas

Jan Morten Ruud
Sun 4 Apr 2010 04:01
Position 09:54.50, 139:06.31W

Dear readers,

After the landfall on Hiva Oa 7 days ago, we have just relaxed in paradise.

The first two days we cleaned out the boat after the passage, did some needed maintenance around the ship, as well as provisioned the boat for cruising in the Marquesas and Tuamotues. We managed to have all done in two days, including having the afternoons to explore the Island of Hiva Oa. The Island landscape is dramatic and soft at the same time. Steep and high mountains stretch right from the sea and several hundred meters up, being covered by a soft green layer of vegetation. The people here in France Polynesia are extremely friendly, happy and helping , sometimes to quite a contrast to back home.

Two times we went to Alex and his family. After 5 minutes drive up a very steep road, in fact so steep that the car did not manage to drive us all up, we had to walk the last 200 meters, we arrived to a beautiful villa overlooking the bay where the boats where anchored. Before lunch/dinner we enjoyed some refreshments by the pool area, where there also where Wi-Fi, pool and some other games. The kids enjoyed everything after being on the boat for 17 days. We where served a fantastic meal with tree courses which we enjoyed on their terrace.
Coffee and drinks where served by the swimmingpool.

After Hiva Oa we left for Tahuata, to a bay on the North West side of the Island. It was just paradise, white sandy beach with palm trees framing the whole beach. And the water - the water was just magnificent - we have never seen such clear water. The snorkeling here where excellent, we saw a lot of fish, some sharks and some large mantas. After a while one after the other of the World ARC boats showed up to take anchor in the lagoon. It was time for beach party. We had a gate time together with several of our friends at other World ARC boats.

The third day there was an accident on the beach. One of the crew on one of the boats did accidently cut of his finger while he was cutting coconuts with a machete. There were several doctors on the World ARC boats in the lagoon, so he was quickly taken care of. Unfortunately we where to far away from any hospital that could do any surgery on the finger soon enough, so he did loose his finger. It was a sad evening, but all in all he managed fine without any other complications.

The next day we went 3 Nm further south on the Island to check out another bay and a village - Hapatoni. The anchorage was not as nice as in the previous, but the water for diving was even better - it was just magnificent. The captain went for scuba diving together with two others - and the dive was extraordinary. Again we viewed a lot of exotic fishes in the same dive including sharks, scorpion fish, . Later we all went snorkeling just behind the boat, and the snorkeling was just as good as the dive - so no need for diving gear here.
We are now back at the bay with the beach, preparing for early departure tomorrow where we will sail to Ua-Huka - in Island famous for its beauty and its numerous wild horses.

The very best from Lars, Patrik, Stian, Snorre, Vilde, Vibeke and Jan Morten