Pacific passage: Galapagos to Marquesas: Life is easy .

Jan Morten Ruud
Fri 19 Mar 2010 06:52
Position 07:57.93S, 122:28.17W
Sailed distance: 2009 NM
Distance to Marquesas: 997Nm

Dear readers,
Life on board is just grate these days.

Weather is fine, wind and waves are cooperative and we have beautiful sky's with stars at night and with white puffy sheep clouds during day - we are in the trade wind belt.

Life on board is easy, little external factors intervening in life. The most important task is to sail Ronja safe through the seas, prepare meals and ensure that you get enough sleep so that you are fit for the night watches.

There moral is high and there is a relaxed and happy atmosphere onboard. Patrik straddles around with his ukulele and harmonium, playing happy tones. The kids favorite is watching movie, which of course has to be regulated. We did not take them out here in the void to watch movies.

Each night we get invaded with fly-fish and squids. Last night we counted 19 fly fish and 12 squids. We do have put up non parking here mark on the deck, but they do no seems to take any notice.

Our daily concerts on VHF have become a hit. Today the kids song a Beatles tune.

There is not much happening out here, we are all fine.

Patrik, Stian, Snorre, Vilde, Vibeke and Jan Morten