Day 6: Diplomatic entaglements with the International Fishereies Commision.

Jan Morten Ruud
Sun 29 Nov 2009 12:35
Dear readers,
as you remember from yesterday's blog we changed tack from 180 dgr wind ("platt lens") to ca 150 dgr wind ("rom slør") and Ronja simply zoomed ahead. It lasted for one night, but then things did not go eggcatly right. Vibeke was cooking the long awaited Saturday egg & bacon breakfast when a monster wave came and transported 12 eggs right onto the floor. We cleaned up and decided immediately to change course back to 180 dgr. (We may be on our way to Rio but we have great breakfasts.....) And this morning Jan Morten and Harald cooked eggs, bacon and hot rolls. Heaven! In addition, the wind has changed just like our trusted friend Mads at Frivind forecasted, so now we have the wind at 180 dgr and we have a nice course straight for St. Lucia. Things really could've been a lot worse than this.
Joke number 3:
Question: How many Country & Western singers do you need in order to change tack?
Answer: You need three. One at the rudder, one at the foresail ropes, and a third one to sing about how great the old tack was:-)
The squall hysteria has infected the crew, and last night WE FINALLY FOUND SQUALLS! Stian and Harald was on duty and got very excited. Stian was the first to notice it on the radar (Harald thought it was a big boat, bless him.....) and we immediately pulled in the foresail. And then nothing happened except for a sharp reduction in speed. And then nothing. Quiet before the storm, we thought, and woke the captain. (Which is an increasingly difficult task. We have gained self confidence, gotten nerves under control and learned to sleep in rolling waves). And then suddenly there were squalls all over the place. We renamed the chart plotter to "Squalls TV" and followed them with intense consentration. But the reality was somewhat disappointing (or lucky) - we got a little rain and a little more wind and then everything went back to normal. 
Vilde is making great progress with the guitar playing (we have advanced to "Let it be") and vegetable production (we can see the sprouts and are now discussing promotional and pricing strategies for when we bring these to market in Rodney Bay)
Vibeke asked Snorre and Stian to establish a Soft Drink Audit Commision to count stock and update the ration calculation. And never has Ronja seen such willingness to work, such effectiveness and efficiency. The commision concluded that an increase in soft drink rations was possible and would increase boat speed and guarantee sunshine and fair winds until we hit Rodney Bay. Interesting, the captain said, and increased the rations.  
From: The International Fisheries Commision
The International Fisheries Commision issues a warning regarding Mid-Atlantic stock of Dorados and Golden Mackerel. Alfonso Salazar, head of commision, states: "We have registered pleasure boats coming from the northern hemisphere fishing like there's no tomorrow. We are especially watching the young crew at S/Y Ronja, a Norwegian boat, for possible breaches of international agreements, and will register a complaint with Norwegian authorities early monday morning."
In a separate statement, the young crew at Ronja states: OK OK. Maybe we were a little aggressive. But we don't eat them - we just fish them and put them back into the sea! Plus we need to be able to protect ourselves from the aggressive flyfish that has now hit two persons on the boat.
And that was all for today, dear readers. Thank you for all your emails and greetings. And a big thank you to the Rainmaker in Rosenkrantz gt for keeping such a close watch over us.
Best regards from you affectionate crew aboard S/Y Ronja.
Coordinates:   W33.35.062., N20.58.062

Distance totalt current rute: 2720 Nm
Sailed distance last 24 hours: 180
Sailed distance since start:1193,2 Nm
Distance left (current route to St. Lucia): 1596Nm