Day 2 and 3 - Equador to Galapagos

Jan Morten Ruud
Tue 23 Feb 2010 16:22
Position: 00:53.756S, 89:36.874W

Dear readers,

Second day out, we have sailed over half of the 530Nm to Galapagos.
Nothing very exiting this day. We lost a small tuna in the morning. The weather has finally cleared up and we still have nice winds to sail or motorsail. During the night we were hit with some squalls, but luckily the most of them passed on either side of us.

Landfall Islas San Cristobal, Galapagos.
Suddenly, through a glitch in the heavy rain, Stain saw it. LAND ...
We all jumped up and looked in the same direction, yes and there it was - land of Galapagos.

We had heavy rain the last hours, and no closing shore we starts to get a nasty sea from the wind in the squalls and the current against. It is not that bad, but it is not very comfortable. After reaching some miles further inn, it all settles down and we actually have a great sail along San Crirstobal on the way to Wreck Bay.

We crossed the finishing line 14:03:05 local time, very pleased to finally having arrived in Galapagos. This is definitely a stop we expect to be one of the highlights of our trip.
Approaching wreck bay, one of the children screams - look there. It was a large school of dolphins. A new scream - look here also. It was literary sea animals all over. Dolphins, Sea lions, Sharks, .
On the way inn to Wreck Bay we see sea lions laying asleep on several of the boats. Then it suddenly dawns on me - we need to have a sea lion watch, not to be boarded during night.

Well into Wreck Bay, the anchor down we just enjoy the abundance of wildlife living together with the humans. It is nothing we ever seen.

We are all happy, arriving here in Galapagos meeting all our friends in Warc again, and we are really looking forward for the next days.