Day 3: The missing beer ...

Jan Morten Ruud
Wed 25 Nov 2009 11:55
Moody Blues

Our "Dear Leader" Jan Morten is normally a jolly good fellow, but during the last 24 hrs his mood has been extraordinarily positive. This has caused a certain amount of consern and quite a bit of thinking among the crew, and we offer the following theories:

1. The Competition.
We are actually much less behind our friends and competitors in the other boats than what we had expected and also what we expect that some of the Pontoon Pundits in Las Palmas and Oslo expected. And we're just warming up!

2. The boat.
Ronja is riding the waves like a pro. No - she's actually dancing downstream! Even Harald, who normally considers all boats above 30 feet as way too big, has to admit that she really looks good.

3. The Beer.
We have made a solemn promise that our restricted provisions of beer will only be consumed when certain objectives or dates have been met. Could it be that the captain helped himself a little bit too early? The crew is eagerly undertaking a quartermaster's audit of the beer situation. Should the conclusion of this audit be that some bottles are missing, our captain will experience an uproar that will make the Bounty Mutiny small beer in comparison.....

On a different note altogether, Vilde is practising her notes and chords every day, and we are planning the playlist for the St. Lucia beach party. So far it looks like this:

1. Tom Dooley (1st verse only)
2. Glade Jul (Norw. Xmas carol)
3. Let it be (but we don't know it yet)
4. Balladen om Frederik Aakare (where we hope the Captn of Go Beyond will make a special apperance)

And that's all for today - we'll be back tomorrow with more Ronja stories!


Coordinates: W22.29.084., N24.00.131

Distance totalt current rute: 2720 Nm
Sailed distance last 24 hours: 161,2
Sailed distance since start:527,0 Nm
Distance left (current route to St. Lucia): 2193,00 Nm